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My life is devoted to revolutionizing the way we connect with our bodies, the Earth, and each other.

I’ve spent 25 years studying the body, mind and spirit through the art of dance with master teachers to gather body wisdom and knowledge based in human ritual and history. I've spent endless nights creating, choreographing, researching and making works to address gender-based oppression and the toll they have on our bodies, minds spirits & relationships. 

When struck with chronic mental and physical ailments, I stumbled - not by choice - into 15 years of research for answers to healing gender based trauma, internalized oppression, chronic mental illness and chronic reproductive health issues. I spent 15 years researching, practicing and studying healing methods ranging from medication to psychotherapy, CBT, EMDR, Pranayama, Kundalini, Nutrition, yoga, dance + somatic techniques, ayurveda, TCM, acupuncture, witchcraft, folk medicine, holistic nutrition and more.

I’m not satisfied with practices that aim to get immediate results or a quick fix treating symptoms. I'm not interested in weight loss, instant gratification or finding a feel-good sense of immediate relief, calm, light and love.


I choose to embrace and graciously accept the entire spectrum of spirituality and human nature. To welcome pain in order to overcome suffering. To allow what is without judgement.

So, if you want to work with me, you have to be prepared to get real. To dig deep. And for it to get messy.

I geek out about all things body, mind and spirit and have dedicated a lifetime to healing all three within myself and helping womxn in my life to do the same. I use my years of experience as a dance and somatic instructor, yoga instructor, dance and theatre artist, practicing witch and thriving survivor of PTSD to offer you a feminine perspective on spirituality that’s accessible, grounded, and rooted evidence-based methods, science and anthropology.

I am a student of the universe, dedicated to curiosity. This has lead me to experiences that craft my methods.

I've fought hard against adversity, done the work on myself, and searched through trial and error to find the answers to questions we all seek to answer...

How do I learn to listen to my body in a way that leads to healing?

How do I invest my time, energy and resources in that which upholds a healthy world for our communities?

Beyond the stories I’ve been told by my parents, my teachers, and the society I grew up in – Who am I, really?

How do I gracefully integrate painful or traumatic experiences in a way that will not only heal me, but actually GUIDES me to my life’s purpose?

It is within your power to use your body to access the most magical, expansive, and powerful parts of the Universe – and I want to show you how.


Lexi, aka The Yoga Witch, has a B.A. with Honors in Dance, a B.A. in Theatre and a Certification in Arts Management from Hollins University. She is a 200hr RYT Certified Yoga Instructor through The Mindfulness Center.


She has 15+ years of experience as a dance instructor, choreographer + mover across techniques ranging from ballet, jazz, modern, West African,  Cuban, ballroom and contemporary dance techniques to expansive training in somatic methods such as: Alexander Technique, Bartenieff, Laban Movement Analysis, Feldenkrais, AFCMD (Analyse du Fonctionnement du Corps dans le Mouvement Danse), Gaga technique, Improvisation + Contact Improvisation.  


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